“BasicShit is here to achieve more value at less cost for more people”
is a representation of our society's mentality. We are an inherently flawed society, criticizing the system of which we are a symptom.

The Concept

Ideology that sparked Basicshit

Sanitation is not only a big problem in India but also a menace to the individuals and society that requires to be curbed at the earliest. People in India urinate openly on the streets as a common habit showing no regard towards the passerby which also include females. We have seen and heard people talk a lot about the issue of public urination but no action is seen. People rely on government to do curb this menace of using streets as urinals but the responsibility is ours as well. On interviewing the people found urinating on the streets it was found that people do feel awkward while urinating on the streets but when no urinals are present nearby they go wetting the street walls.

Even if urinals are present, they are not free to use or are so poorly maintained that urinating on the streets is chosen as easy way to relieve the pressure. We want to provide solution to the problem at hand rather than making noise. I personally feel the need of improved sanitation in our country, not only in rural parts but also the city streets.

Disinfecting Delhi

Art for Awareness

‘Aap ke liye kya adheek mahatvapoorn hain?’ was part of our pilot sanitation project meant to create awareness among people to have and use urinals in their homes and surroundings around. At present, ,ost people and homes in the society have items like cellphone, television, water coolers, fridge, etc but when it comes to toilets, they still go out in open. We wanted to create an awareness that building and using the toilet is more important as it is the basic requirement of every house, big or small, and directly effects our health and impacts the society. After working on this awareness campaign for considerable time, we realized that awareness is important; but more important is making urinals accessible to public because even if awareness exist but no public urinals, people are still going to use streets walls to pass their urine.

We realized that we had to not only talk the talk, but also walk the talk, implying that awareness is just the first step and basic solutions are required to curb this menace of public urination.

On interviewing the people found urinating on the streets it was found that people do feel awkward while urinating on the streets but when no urinals are present nearby they go wetting the street walls.

It is easy to start a project and reach tangible outcomes. Changing India, on the other hand, needs a lot of support.


Let the numbers speak

Public Toilets in Delhi
Men Peeing On Roads
Women Controlling Nature's Call
People Affected by Basicshit Urinals

Our Team

he Basicshit team comprises mostly of 4 members and a group of volunteers that help us every now and then, as and when required. The core members of basicshit come from various different fields of life, brought together with the sense of belonging towards the society, an idea of creating a positive change in the society by not only talking about the issue but also working on the practical aspect of providing a cheap and innovative solutions that are effective and make a difference.


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